The DIY Life: Keeping Chickens Series, Part 4 – The Coop Scoop

23 May

So, our oldest birds are now 8 weeks old. With the days hovering in the 80’s and nights in the mid to low 50’s, it’s time for these birds to relocate from the garage to a more permanent OUTDOOR home. Add to that we can now tell we have what we THINK are 5 roosters and 7 hens. The Wyandotte roosters? They’ve started doodling. I cannot begin to even imagine the noise level if they all decide to start getting chatty in the garage. Oh the echo. Oh the horror. So Operation Habitat for Hens is well underway. The hubs built a beautiful shed for us to utilize for storage of garden/outdoor tools and what not about 2 years ago. He decided to attach the coop to the left side of the garden shed, making it look like an extension of the original shed. Sort of like it was on purpose. He ordered the red metal commercial roofing to match the shed. We lucked out and got an extra piece of roofing (they use a piece to protect the order from scratches, and ours happened to be in the same color!) so we were able to make the coop and run that much bigger!

The coop, when complete, will be enough to house all 12 of the chickens and 2 ducks. But, since we have decided to keep 1 rooster (originally, we were just going to have the hens, hubs decided he wanted a Roo to protect our ladies) We only need space for 8 total chickens and the 2 ducks. I have a sinking feeling that our lady mallards won’t stay with us, that the lure of the creek and their Mallard kin that reside in it will call to them and they will join them. Sniffle. If that happens, we will have 7 hens and 1 Roo. They will have a decent sized fenced in run to meander in that will be totally covered by a roof to provide them shade and keep them dry. It will be chicken utopia. They will be euphoric.

Hubs essentially built this from his minds eye. He’s so amazing at construction. No plans, no guide, just an image in his mind that he’s bringing to life before our eyes. I’m not good at things like measurements, and planning materials. He does is beautifully. I am in awe of his skill, and so thankful that he’s doing this pretty much for me. I wanted the chickens…he purchased them knowing he was going to have to built them a house. That’s love.

The boards that are the coop ‘siding” were free! Yep, FREE! They were once tongue & groove wood that was used as a container for construction items. The tongue & groove aspect means hubs doesn’t have to put battens on it! We decided to use a piece of linoleum for the floor of the coop to assist in making cleaning easier. That was also FREE, gifted to me by a friend.

We essentially paid for roofing, hardware, chicken wire, and the boards to frame the coop in. I think our costs are at around $300. The free wood and linoleum helped to keep our costs down immensely. We are going to end up with a good chunk of extra chicken wire, but it’s ok. We can use it for repairs if we need to. It’s not like it’s going to go bad! At this point we are at about 2 days worth of work. We’ll need probably 2 days more to complete the coop and run, and then the birds will be relocated. Hubs has given them their eviction notice. Now he just needs to finish up their home.

Stay tuned for the complete coop, as well as photos of the birds in their new home!


They are saying “relocate us! We want our new house!!!”

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