Pinterest Idea: Wavy Hair

30 Apr

I’m not going to lie. I’m a pinterest addict. A total pinning fool. There are not enough hours in the day, money in my account, or room in my house to accomplish all the recipes, diy’s, and beauty routines. However, I do like to try to use or replicate some of the pins I pin. Otherwise, what’s the point of it all???

Onto the wavy hair idea – you put your hair in two pigtail braids, you twist the braided hair, and run a flat-iron over the twists. It’s supposed to result in something similar to beach wave hair. Me? I have poker straight hair. Super straight. Someone could hold me at gunpoint to get my hair to curl and it would still be pretty straight. So, I decided I would sleep on my braids. I had them in from about noon Sunday until 7:30 am Monday. More time braided means more likelihood that the hair will maintain some form of wave.

I decided upon testing this hairdo out whenever I had wet hair and the hubs wanted to take the motorcycle out to enjoy the beautiful day. Wet hair + helmet = dented, tangled, wind tossed roughness. So I put my hair into two cute little braids and made myself look about 12. Good thing we were going somewhere for lunch that people knew my husband hadn’t robbed the cradle. Off we went.

Slept with the braids in all night, twisted them, then flat ironed.

Here is the resulting hair:

My thoughts: Not bad. I don’t feel like this is “beach wave” hair. It’s more like large-sized crimping. Or maybe a tighter beach wave. That being said, I don’t think it looks bad. It’s super simple – the most labor intensive part is making 2 braids, which didn’t take a whole lot of time. If I do this again I’ll skip the flat-iron part and twist the ends while it’s still braided around a small barrel curling iron. I don’t feel like the flat-iron really contributed anything, nor would it hold the waviness if I just braided, twisted, flat-ironed it.

What do you think? Would this be something you’d try to speed up your morning routine?


2 Responses to “Pinterest Idea: Wavy Hair”

  1. Yinzerella April 30, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    I don’t think I’m doing pinterest right. I don’t get it.

    • seasonedwithsarcasm April 30, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

      honestly, I didn’t get it at first either. Especially the whole having the wait to be “approved” to have an account. Why wait? It’s not like I had to meet certain criteria! But now, I love it. Instead of bookmarking recipes or things I want to try, I can just “pin” them all in one place! And annoy others with my massive amount of pins! 🙂

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