The DIY Life: Keeping Chickens – Photo updates!

11 Apr

Howdy! The chickens and ducks have since been relocated to our garage, where they now have more space to roam!  For their set-up, I placed  a piece of cardboard on the floor topped with two black garbage bags. The seams of the bags have been duct taped together so they stay down and I then taped the bag up around the edges of the base of the pen to help keep the litter scatter to a minimum. Kind of like a kick board. For perches I used two birch branches that had fallen down. I peeled off any loose bark and just wedged them in the openings.

The birds are loving their new place and all that space to roam! The younger birds were relocated to the tote the big birds were hanging out in previous to their relocation and they are also in the garage. Everyone has adjusted well, and even with our garage not being heated, no one is staying hanging out under the light the whole time. Some of the bigger birds were actually in the center of the pen taking a nap this morning! I did have a little chick make an escape but I caught her. She was trying to get into the pen with the older birds and couldn’t fit through the bars! I’m glad to know that I could actually put the younger ones in with the bigger ones and not have to worry about them getting out.

Enjoy the photos!

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2 Responses to “The DIY Life: Keeping Chickens – Photo updates!”

  1. overactive ovaries at 3:22 pm #

    Your chicks are adorable! I LOVE the ducklings! I’m pretty sure that a duck at our house would very quickly become coyote food 😦

    • seasonedwithsarcasm at 4:43 pm #

      the ducklings are getting HUGE! But they are so comical and you can totally see they have a personality. We are pretty sure both are females but one is so much larger. I swear they grow daily, while it looks like the chicks have stopped. We don’t have coyotes at our place, and there is a pair of mallards that come back every year and hang out in our creek so there must not be a predator to get them. Which is good!

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