The DIY Life: Keeping Chickens Series, Part 2

4 Apr

On March 19, the hubs brought home 6 Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicks and 2 Mallard ducklings. (Read the original post here). Two weeks later, the chicks have doubled in size and their feathers are coming in! Right now, they are looking a little scraggly because they are losing that soft, downy chicken fluff to replace it with full, beautiful feathers. Since we got what was called a straight run of chicks, I’ve been scouring the internet to see if there was a way to determine the sex of the chicks before they were full-grown. Turns out you can supposedly check their wings. Males will have straight even wings, while females with have uneven wings. Based on this theory, we have 2 roosters in the Wyandotte clan.

Since we wanted to have about a 6 females total, we decided to purchase another 6 chicks for our new flock. This time we got Barred Plymouth Rock chicks, which will be black and white when full-grown. They will also be a large breed chicken so they will be hearty for winter. And again it seems like we’ve got 2 males in the flock. Sigh. The hubs is going to make them dinner. No boys allowed (except maybe a Mallard!) in this hen-house.

Onto the ducks! The Mallards have tripled in size in the span of two weeks! And they actually got to take their very first swim in our bathtub. It was so entertaining watching them motor around the bathtub. Totally natural event though it was their first time! They still need to learn the whole treading water thing since they keep swimming the whole time, but they did great!

We are in the process of planning out our chicken coop. We want our flock to be cozy while allowing us to easily clean and maintain it. There will be a penned in run for the birds as we are still unsure whether to let them roam completely free while we are at work. We will definitely be letting them forage and scratch when we are home. Luckily for us, the breeds we purchased are good with being left in a caged run environment.

Stay tuned for more about our newest additions and the progress we are all making cohabitating together!


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