The DIY Life: Bacon Vodka

28 Feb

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. It does in fact say “Bacon Vodka”. Infusing vodkas is a fabulous way to switch up the flavor of a drink and make it all your own. Why buy fancy infused vodkas when you can do it yourself?

Onto bacon infused vodka. Why bacon vodka you ask? Because I think it will be totally delicious in a bloody mary. That smokey flavor from the bacon. Mmm.

I searched the internet long and hard and the length of time to leave the bacon in your vodka as well as the amount of bacon was all over the place. So I collected the totals and did my own version. Sure, you can buy bacon flavored vodka, but it’s just artificial flavoring. Meh. I’ll stick with real deal flavoring.

What you will need:

1 clean quart mason jar along with the ring and lid

3 pieces COOKED bacon

vodka to cover the bacon and fill the jar

3 weeks

Place the cooked bacon in the clean mason jar – I used the precooked kind because it was just easier. Fill the jar with plain vodka of your choice. I used the brand you see in the photo. It was on sale for $10 a bottle. Top with a lid and screw band, shake it up, and stick in in a dark place for 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks out of the fridge. The vodka will essentially pickle the bacon so it’s safe. I stuck my jar in the cupboard that holds my drinking glasses and would shake it when I went to put away clean glasses. Now, just a warning. It looks gross as it goes through the infusing stage. Really gross when you shake it. But not to worry. All the gross will filter out.

^^^^bacon soaking in vodka. oh joy!

After 3 weeks, put your jar in the freezer. Once all the fat has had a chance to firm up, strain the vodka through a coffee filter into another clean jar. You can also use cheese cloth, but you will need to most likely strain it more than once. You want the vodka to be clear of any floating stuff and oils.

Now you’re ready to get your drink on. Bloody Mary anyone? I used my bacon infused vodka in my favorite bloody mary mix -Zing Zang brand. And it was amazing!

Strained and clear bacon vodka...look at that golden hue!

A celery stick and a crispy piece of bacon for garnish. Bliss.


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