The DIY Life: Burlap Candle Wreath

16 Jan

I am a country girl at heart. I  may not live in the actual country, not enough into the country anyways because I can still see other houses, cars, and people from my windows, but I love all things country. I love that cozy home decor style. I want people to feel comfortable when they come to my house. Relaxed. At ease. Not like a guest, but like they belong here while they are here. And I think they do. At least people say all the time how cozy our house is.

Now, with all those warm fuzzy words, burlap does not itself emit warm and fuzzy feelings. Not by itself of course. BUT, turn it into a candle wreath, light the candle, viola!!! Warm and fuzzy. I found this wreath through pinterest, and I had pinned it planning to get to it eventually, and originally it was meant for a door wreath. But my friend Kelly utilized it as a centerpiece on her holiday table with a hurricane and candle. And I was once again inspired to make it. I plan on making another one as an actual door wreath, and instead of pinning burlap all around it, i’ll wrap the foam wreath ring in fabric and then pin the burlap loops to the front so it lays nicely on the door (our door is a big window that we would be able to see the back of the wreath, and green foam is not so nice to look at!).

This project is simple, requires zero sowing, but patience and some time. And LOTS of pins. Make sure you purchase the extra long silver pins. Otherwise you’ll go through even more pins attempting to keep the burlap squares in place. In the tutorial links below, they used the pins with the colored heads, I avoided this because there are sections where the pin is not totally hidden and I didn’t want any random color tops popping out.

You will need one yard of burlap cut into 4×4 inch squares – don’t worry about it being a perfect square. burlap is a pain to cut, so you’re going to have some oddball pieces. it works.

pack of extra long silver pins

foam floral wreath, in whatever size you require. I used a 12 inch wreath to fit my needs.

Here is my candle wreath:

And here are links to a couple of the tutorials. I wasn’t that worried about making it look neat and organized like the first tutorial. I like that mine is a little rough and loopy as the second link is. Just like me!

And here is the latest update: I made the actual door wreath – still using the same materials called out for the original burlap candle wreath, but I wrapped the foam ring in 3 strips of burlap so when looking out our door the back looked as pretty as the front. I used 1 1/2 yards of a flowy material to hang the wreath, leaving the edges of the material raw and frayed to go with the rustic look of the burlap. I just tied it into a pretty bow and twisted the loose ends of the fabric to make it look nice. I love the result!


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