Canning bliss, Autumn Harvest: Apple Pie Filling

31 Oct

Mmm, Apple Pie. One of the best sweet comfort foods out there. But it does require some preparation and time to make a pie from scratch. So, why not can some of the Autumn apple harvest and make Apple Pie Filling? It’s worth the effort!

Now, the Ball canning recipe calls for the use of Clear Jel to thicken the filling, as cornstarch is not always stable enough to withstand the required canning time as well as may not let the heat penetrate the apple filling to properly heat it. The Tasty Kitchen recipe calls for plain old cornstarch. That being said, I use plain old cornstarch to thicken my filling, and have not had any problems on either recipe. Clear Jel is not readily available in my area so I substituted the cornstarch and had lovely results.

Whatever you use, do so at your discretion. I recommend following the directions and using the Clear Jel, even though I myself don’t follow the directions. Just make sure to keep the filling very hot and to have your water bath already at a boil when you add the jars to minimize any issue.

And lastly, enjoy the preserving process!  The links below will take you to 2 different recipes. I have tried both and think they are both awesome, however I add more cinnamon than called for as well as some nutmeg. Do NOT deviate from the amount of lemon juice called out!

Apple Pie Filling Recipe from Ball Canning

Apple Pie Filling from Tasty Kitchen

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