Got jewelry?

27 Oct

I admit that i’m one of those people that impulse buy jewelry. Especially if it’s on clearance.

Originally $35, marked down to $1.99 you say??? Well, I don’t know when i’ll ever wear it, but i’ll take it!

Sigh. But at clearance prices, it’s not like I’m breaking the bank. And then there are the jewelry parties. I’ve got a menagerie of bling from these as well (and just recently received some more since I had a party). And then there is the heirloom jewelry and fancy stuff passed down or purchased as a gift. And what did I do with all of this jewelry? I store it all nice and neat in my jewelry box, which is a decent sized piece of FURNITURE, not a little box on the dresser. It’s got two sides that pop open to display necklaces, a section for boxed jewelry to live, ring sections, earring sections…you name it. Yet somehow, despite all this lovely jewelry organization to properly keep my necklaces from being tangled and my earrings from losing a mate, I continued to wear only two items – my wedding rings and diamond studs. Let’s face it, in the morning rush to get ready for work, jewelry is always the last thing on my mind. If my wedding bands and diamond studs weren’t always on me, i’d probably forget to put them on in the morning too. So most of the time, all of my jewelry gets neglected and sits in it’s proper spot getting no love. I had had enough. I needed to start wearing all of my purchases, so I started looking around at all the different display type organization out there. I knew I wanted something I could hang on the wall to display earrings and necklaces, but I didn’t want it to be big and bulky since it was going to be hanging on a very small section of wall near the bathroom in my bedroom. I gave up on looking for traditional jewelry storage and opted to check out my local craft store. I found exactly what I was looking for!

This little cutie is the perfect size for the small area I wanted to hang it in, the chicken wire backing is just right to hang my earrings off of while the little knobs work great at displaying my various necklaces. Now I have everything easily accessible and visible so that I have no excuse to not wear my stuff. After having this up for a few months, my jewelry wearing has increased tenfold! And to be honest, the only drawback I can see is that sterling silver items can become tarnished since they are exposed but this isn’t a big deal to me since I can just gloss them up with a polishing cloth.

If you’re sick of not wearing your jewelry, here’s a great way to display it so it’s easy to see and get to. And it doesn’t look bad hanging quietly in a corner.


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