Review – Paula Deen 8-Cup Stovetop Percolator

7 Oct

I love coffee. Iced coffee, cappuccino, espresso. But my favorite is plain old cup of brewed coffee with some good cream and sugar.

I have a Cuisinart single serve coffee maker that went on the fritz and stopped working. While its getting fixed, I can’t be without my morning cup of coffee on the weekends. So instead of purchasing a cheap little coffee maker to tide me over until the Cuisinart makes it’s return to me, I decided to purchase a percolator. My grandfather used to drink coffee just that way – I can remember being little and watching the coffee bubble into the glass top of the percolator on the stove top, and the smell of coffee filled the air. I purchased the Paula Deen version from amazon to give it a try. It was the most reasonably priced stove top one and I was smitten with the blue one. When it arrived I washed the pot and got down to making my first cup of percolated coffee – pumpkin spice! the house smelled delish. This type of coffee brewing takes a little more effort than turning on a pot or popping a k-cup into your single serve brewer, but it’s so worth the effort. What you get is a rich, strong cup of coffee where the flavor is deep and true. This is truly the way coffee is supposed to be enjoyed!

If you purchase one of these, be sure to follow the directions! There is no little glass top where you view your coffee’s progress, but it’s not really necessary. You just need to listen for it to start boiling and then turn down the heat and let it ‘brew’ for 7 minutes. You’ll be rewarded with a great cup of coffee.

To check it out, click the photo below to take you to amazon’s page. The blue versions photo looks more teal, but it’s actually a robin’s egg blue.

Image from


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