Pizza Pancakes. Hello lover.

9 Sep

So I saw this post for Pizza Pancakes yesterday and thought, hmmm. Interesting. And then I thought hmmm…GENIUS! Genius because I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner. Genius because I just so happened to have all the required ingredients in the house.

Don’t snub your nose up at these. I know the thought of pancakes usually brings images of melted butter and the shimmery gloss of maple syrup, but these are those particular pancakes savory counterpart. And they are excellent. The husband even enjoyed them. I plan on making another couple batches and freezing them so they can become a quick lunch or snack. All you’ll need to do is pop them in the toaster! With a salad, it’s a complete meal!

Make this this weekend, tonight, in the very near future. You will not regret it. I used some colby jack cheese as well as pizza cheese. I used chives instead of italian seasoning. It was all good.

The recipe is so simple, so go check it out! Link below.


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