Wine – part 2

13 Jul

So, the pineapple wine is coming along. It was originally transferred to the carboy on July 4. It did not look anything like actual wine upon transfer. It looked more like 3 gallons of orange juice. But things are certainly coming along very nicely. We are currently at the ‘it looks like apple juice stage’. Unfiltered apple juice, but it’s  a step above orange juice!

On Friday/Saturday we are going to rack it out of the carboy so we can get the yeast off of the bottom. If you leave the yeast in there for too long it will give the wine a nasty flavor. We do not want nasty wine.

Here is a photo of the wine as of yesterday, July 12:

And here is a close-up of the yeast that has settled onto the bottom of the carboy:

Yummy huh?

After it’s been racked back into the carboy, it will need to sit another 2 weeks to allow for more sediment to settle and we’ll get to do this swap all over again!

Stay tuned!


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