Avocado means deliciousness

12 Jul

Some days, I just don’t feel like making dinner. Or I have slacked off on my menu planning options and need a quick, filling, HEALTHY meal. This sandwich has become a favorite in my house and I find myself buying a surplus of avocado so we can have this at any moment! It’s a pretty simple sandwich, one that a recipe really isn’t needed for. It consists of using some good quality sandwich rolls – my fave are the cheese ones from the local store, which I will warm up until they get a crunch going on under the broiler. The next ingredient is some mashed avocado. You don’t want guacamole but something similar. I mash up one whole one (this is enough for 2 people) – add a splash of lime juice and some garlic salt. You will smear this on your warm bread. Fry up two eggs (you want the yolk to be runny, so over medium is good). Place one fried egg on bread, top egg with some spring mix lettuce, spinach, or arugala and put everything together and dig in! I usually have some steamed mixed veggies cooked up with this and a salad and call it dinner!

Avocado & egg sandwiches – serves 2

avocado mash – 1 avocado with splash of lime juice and dash of garlic salt

2 eggs – fried up over easy/medium (yolks should be runny!)

arugala, spring mix, or spinach

2 yummy deli rolls such as the cheese ones featured below, warmed and toasted under the broiler

assemble all ingredients and serve with side of your choice!


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    […] and hard-boiled egg added for extra depth of delicious flavor. It’s similar to another avocado laden sandwich I posted last year that is pretty fantastic. But this one is on a different level because of the […]

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